Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts

As I took the thirty minute ferry right from Woods Hole to the Vineyard, the fog rolled in.

Martha’s Vineyard as well as its surrounding islands such as Nantucket, and the Elizabeth islands were all purchased at the same time by a man named Thomas Mayhew in the 1640’s. Today it is a popular summer spot. Durring the summer people come from all over the world to visit Martha’s Vineyard for work, or vacation. Aside from the beaches, ice cream parlors, fancy restaurants, and shopping areas there are several century old cemeteries, organic farms, and massive cliffs. These tend to be the less talked about parts of the island. The cliffs are located in an area called Gay Head, also home to many mako and great white sharks. The farms have cows, chickens, goats, you name it. They also grow completely organic fruit and vegetables. A short walk from one of the organic farms was a restaurant that used the farms produce. The cemeteries were historically overwhelming. Martha’s Vineyard continues to be a top tourist attraction but holds significant history.

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